Radius Recruitment – Global Resources At Your Fingertips

Radius Recruitment Ltd was founded in 2004 and has become a leader in International Recruitment, Resourcing and Offshoring Solutions.

In 2012 Radius opened an office in Manila to manage an IT Offshoring Solution, delivering IT resource to the NZ market. This quickly evolved and we expanded the offering into Accounting, Back Office and Sales resource for both NZ and Australian based clients.

The success of our Manila based operation is due to the vast knowledge capital we have gained in recruitment out of the Philippines and also our NZ based management.

What do we do?

Radius takes ownership of all aspects of recruiting staff out of the Philippines including:

1)      Recruitment

2)      Interviewing and selection

3)      Candidate Skill Assessment

4)      Conferencing facility for remote client interviews or office space for face to face client interviews.

5)      Visa Application for NZ Immigration

6)      POEA Application from accredited Philippine based Agency. ( This is a requirement for Filipinos to work internationally)

7)      Flights to NZ

8)      Accommodation. We offer short term accommodation, allowing them time arrange long term accommodation.

9)      All other aspects to ensure that the process of you employing staff from the Philippines is simplified.

We have now extended our offering into the construction industry for both NZ and Australia. We have a vast amount of available candidates across the entire construction industry including: carpenters, glass installers, heavy equipment mechanics and operators, rebar installers, plasters, bricklayers, masons, welders, fabricators, plumbers and electricians.

Where to from here?

Simply advise us what resources you require over the short to long term and we will present a proposal that will include price, availability and timing.

Its time to think big and start using the global talent pool.

Call us now to discuss. (09) 300 3113