Permanent Direct Engagement

This option has been developed to assist you to employ your international contractors directly.

The selection process includes (but is not limited to), confirming the skills shortage for the contractors you are seeking and then working with you to develop a detailed skills outline, screening initial applicants, interviewing and shortlisting top candidates for your interview and selection, reference checking, contract negotiation and execution, arranging all contractor pre-approval requirements, obtaining all regulatory approvals, booking transport and establishing required settlement services. If required we can also arrange further Police checking, independent drug testing and skills assessments.

The regulatory process requires the provision of detailed and comprehensive employer information to the various authorities. Radius personnel are familiar with the process and will assist you with the compilation and provision of the information.
Where required Radius can also assist with any regulatory renewals or amendments.

Costs range from a single placement fee through a fee and fixed term hourly rate arrangement. Settlement services are extra to placement services and can be paid by the employer, the contractor or an agreed contributory mix.


Long Term Contract Engagement

This option has been developed to provide specialist personnel under contract for specific periods between 1 and 3 years.

The selection process is identical to the Permanent Direct Engagement model above ensuring the provision of contractors to match your skills requirements. Information required of the employer is generally limited to standard credit applications and documentation for contractor site safety and employment relations.

Radius pay all Wages, ACC, PAYE, Holiday pay, Statutory Holiday Pay,Sick Pay and Employer KiwiSaver Contributions.

You will be billed weekly at the agreed hourly rate.


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