The Philippines offers significant advantages over other countries (like India, Vietnam, Malaysia or China) when it comes to Offshoring:


Why the philippines?

  • It is culturally much more compatible with the West.  “Yes” really does mean “Yes”. 
  • Has the 3rd largest English speaking population in the world
  • It has an American Westernised culture and a 90% Christian population that is very family oriented.  Employees are very loyal, honest, and hard working.
  • 30 million skilled workers, all English speaking, well educated and with 500,000 new university graduates being added every year
  • Experienced with US multinationals, Australian & NZ companies.  Employees often have years more experience and more highly developed skills than can be sourced locally.
  • Time zone is only 4-5 hours behind New Zealand .


Where is our Operation centre?

Radius has an office in Makati district of Manila, Philippines. This is the main business district. 


Our offices are in downtown Manila

Our offices are in downtown Manila