Since 2004, we have led the way in recruiting quality staff for New Zealand companies.  We can provide any staff you need for the Construction and Logistics industry.

Mission: Continue to set the standard in delivering a highly skilled, well supported work force that benefits our clients and our staff.

Successful businesses succeed through having the right employment resources available that are highly motivated to deliver results.

Unfortunately, with a growing economy, all sectors continue to struggle with finding appropriately skilled and motivated resource. Companies are now embracing international recruitment policies to fill the void, but they are struggling with the complex processes required to support and deliver effective outcomes for everyone involved.

Radius Contracting partner with our clients to provide cost effective and highly skilled international employment resources, that are motivated, honest, reliable and hardworking across multiple industries.

We understand that sourcing and profiling the correct skillsets is only part of the process and that to maximise the investment over time it is essential to provide the comprehensive support to both our clients and contractors. Importantly, we focus on all the processes required for settlement, localization and long-term well being of your contractors so you have the comfort of knowing that they will always be ready and focused on the job at hand.
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We can provide an unlimited number of highly skilled staff