We can have you fully operational in just a few weeks, with hiring and setup completely "done for you"- and there are no up-front costs to trial the service.


Where to use Offshoring

  • IT – Technical help desk & customer support (especially night shift), software developers, testers, engineers
  • Accounting - Compliance, Account Receivable/Payable, GST, Payroll, Debt Collection, Xero /MYOB /Quicken
  • Business Admin - PA, data entry, travel, expenses, 
  • Legal – contract drafting, research, paralegal services
  • Design - graphic design, web design, CAD drafting
  • Marketing - social media marketing, content sourcing, 
  • Sales (lead generation, database building) but not telemarketing
  • Where you need rapid response or scaling e.g. new contracts, project bids, new product launches
  • Where you want to win against larger local competitors, or effectively deliver services into global markets


The Process:   

  • We assess your staff needs and agree: 
    • Skills, head counts, what they will be working on, and provide a plan for their integration into your company processes & teams
  • We assess your facilities requirements including:
    • Shared or dedicated offices, secure networking and data hosting, communications and computing 
  • We source a shortlist of the best candidates in the Philippines that meet your skills & experience requirements
    • You review their CV’s and we help you interview them via Skype video conferencing 
    • If you want, you can fly up to Manila and interview and onboard them in person, as well as visit our facilities
  • We handle all Philippines legal, tax and contractual arrangements in hiring the staff, but they become dedicated solely to your organisation so you treat them just as you would your local NZ employees
  • We project manage the set up of all infrastructure facilities (including any site or network security requirements)
    • We can even deliver a live “big screen” video link direct into your NZ office so it feels like your staff are right there  
  • We help you integrate your new staff into your company processes and get them fully operational
  • We provide ongoing daily supervision to ensure they are delivering the results you expect

In short, we provide a completely done for you service, with minimal risk.



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