The Philippines offers significant advantages over other countries (like India, Vietnam, Malaysia or China) when it comes to Offshoring:


Why the philippines?

  • It is culturally much more compatible with the West.  “Yes” really does mean “Yes”. 
  • Has the 3rd largest English speaking population in the world
  • It has an American Westernised culture and a 90% Christian population that is very family oriented.  Employees are very loyal, honest, and hard working.
  • 30 million skilled workers, all English speaking, well educated and with 500,000 new university graduates being added every year
  • Experienced with US multinationals, Australian & NZ companies.  Employees often have years more experience and more highly developed skills than can be sourced locally.
  • Time zone is only 4-5 hours behind New Zealand so easier to co-ordinate.  Willing to work on shift basis for 24/7 support.


where is our Operation centre?

Radius has a strategic partnership with CCC Data Management Services Inc. which is a Philippines outsourcing/offshoring company located in the Makati district of Manila, Philippines.  This is the main business district. 


 Our offices are in downtown Manila

Our offices are in downtown Manila